Utopia Ballito Wins Award in Best of Ballito Readers’ Choice Awards 2022

With over 862 businesses nominated across 121 categories, Utopia Ballito is proud to announce that we won third place in the Best Holiday Accommodation category in the Best of Ballito Readers Choice Awards 2022. 

Being the only holiday letting agency to secure a winning spot, it means the world to us that readers from across South Africa see Utopia Ballito as the best self-catering holiday letting business in Ballito. 

What is the Best of Ballito Readers’ Choice Awards? 

The Readers’ Choice Awards offers North Coasters the chance to recommend exceptional businesses to others across South Africa. 

As the “Best of” awards have been featured in Caxton local newspapers for the last 25 years, people from around SA get to see which restaurants, educational, health wellness, holiday, and other businesses are nominated and voted the best in their selected categories. 

The 2022 Readers’ Choice Awards had close to 200,000 votes. As such, you can rest assured that the businesses mentioned in the awards provide exceptional quality goods and services. 

Other noteworthy winners

Here are some other Best of Ballito winners you should note and visit during your next holiday in Ballito. 

Best Neighbourhood Restaurant: Mozambik Ballito

Passionate about friends and family coming together and enjoying exceptional food, Mozambik Ballito creates a welcoming and one-of-a-kind experience that can’t be found in any other restaurant franchise across SA. 

With Mozambik’s flagship restaurant being situated in Ballito, you’ll get a first-hand view into the heart of this incredible restaurant. 

It got first place in the “Best Neighborhood Restaurant” category. If you’re looking for a place filled with chilled vibes, hot sunshine, delectable food, and beer, this is the place to go!

(Image Source

Best Pizza: Salt Cafe

Famous for their mouth-watering, handcrafted pizzas that are too good to resist, Salt Cafe took first place in the “Best Pizza” category. 

Situated opposite Shaka’s Rock Beach on Kwazulu Natal’s Dolphin Coast and around the corner from Utopia Ballito’s Skiathos and Paros units, Salt Cafe offers vacationers the ideal opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal with their families while looking at the breathtaking scenery.

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Best Coffee Shop: Concha Cafe

If you’re a coffee and cake lover, then the Concha Cafe definitely needs to be on your bucket list. This fun and lively cafe took first place in the “Best Coffee Shop” category.  

Situated on the corner of Library Lane and Compensation Beach Road, this European vibe coffee shop gives you a clear view of the ocean and allows you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the calming sound of crashing waves while drinking your morning coffee.

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Best Family Friendly Restaurant: La Piazza

La Piazza, one of Ballito’s most famous Italian restaurants, took first place in the “Best Family Friendly Restaurant” category. 

The restaurant’s wide variety of food options and excellent indoor and outdoor play areas are huge attractions for many families across the country. 

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Best Places for a Family Outing: Flag Animal Farm, Sugar Rush Park, and Rain Farm Game Lodge

Planning on a fun family outing during your holiday? Then going to the Flag Animal Farm, Sugar Rush Park, and Rain Farm Game Lodge could be the perfect options. 

Flag Animal Farm, being voted first in this category, is a fun-filled, child-friendly animal rescue centre that teaches children how to work with animals. Many of the animals roam freely, and children get to pet and interact with them. 

Sugar Rush Park, being voted second in this category, has numerous exciting activities, including an indoor jump park, jungle gyms, laser tag, mountain bike paths, and much more. 

Rain Farm Game Lodge, voted third in this category, is famous for its game drives (that are perfect for rainy days) and also has a restaurant, play centres, horse riding, and more.  

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Final thoughts

If you’re planning a vacation in Ballito, be sure to put the restaurants and parks mentioned above on your list. Having been crowned Best of Ballito winners, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth! 

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